All About Me Worksheet Bundle

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All About Me Worksheet Bundle on Teachers Pay Teachers

All About Me Bundle Package Description

All About Me Worksheet 5 All About Me Worksheet 4 All About Me Worksheet 3 All About Me Worksheet 1 All About Me Worksgeet 6 All About Me Worksgeet 2

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Contains 30 UNIQUE THEMED All About Me 1 page (8.5×11) worksheets that can be used as an icebreaker, get to know each other activity, Community Circle exercise, student of the week spotlight, birthday celebration spotlight, etc. Every student in your class now has the ability to choose their own theme to truly express themselves.

Categories Include:

1. Just the facts
2. My favorite things
3. Who is your hero?
4. What do you want to be when you grow up?
5. Five awesome facts about yourself

This resource includes ALL of the following themes.

Each theme can be purchased individually for $1.


CandyCatsCircusDinosaursDogsFairy TaleFarm,


OceanOwlsMusicSchool,ScienceSoccerSpaceSuperhero, and Teddy Bears.


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All About Me Worksheet Reviews

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All About Me Worksheet on Teachers Pay Teachers

There are All About Me Worksheets available all over the internet from a variety of sources.  However, our favorite source for teacher resources is the website  TeachersPayTeachers® is an online marketplace where teachers buy and sell original downloadable educational materials, hard goods and used educational resources.

All About Me Worksheet Detailed Reviews

Three All About Me resources on Teachers Pay Teachers are presented below (click on the links in blue for a full preview):

1.  All About Me Worksheet Poster Printable Extended

2.  All About Me Worksheet Poster Printable

3.  All About Me Worksheet Poster Printable Spanish 

The most comprehensive and best value worksheet was item #1 above and the most concise resources presented were items #2 (English version) and #3 (Spanish Version).  All resources feature the following categories with additional “about my school” resource pages being featured in item #1.  Click on the link of each product name to find out more about each resource and view a full preview file for each resource showing exactly what the pages look like.

1. Just the facts
2. My favorite things
3. Who is your hero?
4. What do you want to be when you grow up?
5. Five awesome facts about yourself

This one page resource can be used for activities that we’ve discussed in previous blog posts such as Community Circle, open house booklets, bulletin board ideas, student of the week celebrations, etc.  We looked at the reviews for this All About Me Worksheet and here is what people are saying about it.  These are actual comments, you can verify them by visiting the “ratings and comments” tab of the seller’s page.

Donna Dillard
I was looking for a one-page “all about me” activity to incorporate in to a craftivity I have planned for the first day. This is exactly what I needed, so thank you for creating it!
This is just perfect for our monthly Terrific Kids. I love how it’s more detailed for second graders than most of the ones available.
Love these posters, used them for a bulletin board!
Perfect for Kindergarten Gifted and Talented! So creative. THANK YOU!!!
traded fire
My students loved using this form to tell me about themselves.
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All About Me Worksheet – Practical Classroom Applications

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All About Me Worksheet: Me and You!

At the beginning of the year there is a class full of faces staring at you.  What do you know about them?  What is his or her name again?  How do you remember one from the other?  One way to accomplish this is to begin to learn specifics about each student with the use of an All About Me Worksheet.  Once this paper or even the packet is completed, let the sharing begin!

After the categories are shared at a Community Circle time either one category at a time with everyone sharing or a few students sharing their entire paper with the group at intervals throughout the day, the paper can be used in many additional ways.

All About Me Worksheet: Expanded Classroom Uses

Need a warm-up activity for the morning while students are coming in and putting their materials away?  Have a hand out with two columns.  On one side have characteristics and information learned from the All About Me Worksheet.  In the other column have the names of some or all of the students.  Students try to match one column with the other.  They may remember what was said at Community or they may want to whisper to their neighbors and work together on the matching hand-out. At community, they can check to see how well they did at getting to know one another.

To encourage conversational skills using the All About Me Worksheet, students can ‘Find Someone Who…’ is like them in some way and gain their autograph on the back of their paper or initials beside the characteristic on the front of the paper.

If there is a place on the All About Me Worksheet where the students name their hero, they can go to the library to look for information about the person and identify what areas they have in common with their hero.  It is also an opportunity to discuss the characteristics that make that person a hero.  Do they have similar characteristics like persistence, self-motivation, or honesty?  Do the students feel that they also have some of the very same characteristics?  Can they give an example of how and when they acted in a similar manner?

Suppose the hero is a person that is known to that individual or to that family.  Wouldn’t that be a perfect opportunity for the student to develop interview skills and write a story about their hero in their writing journal or even make a small booklet with illustrations or photos about that person?

Don’t forget the math angle!  Choosing to graph the ‘favorites’ part of the All About Me Worksheet is just the beginning!  Students can analyze the graph data and write statements about the information.  They can develop questions and use the graph to solve the equations and answer the questions either individually or as partner work.  They can exchange questions based upon the graph and challenge each other to some math mania!

So, with one activity sheet, you have days of conversation, getting to know you games, interviews, and a basis for research, journal writing, book making and math exercises.  What an adaptable tool for the classroom!

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All About Me Worksheet in the Classroom

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All About Me Worksheet Purpose

Everyone likes to be recognized!  You might even say that everyone needs to be recognized.  What better way to gather interesting information about your students than to use an All About Me Worksheet and/or activity pages.  Students are always engaged in the activity of telling about themselves.  They love telling about their favorite things and are quite astute when asked about their strengths and goals.

This kind of information can be shared in the classroom during Community Circle time.  Choose one topic per day for an engaging 15 minute sharing time.  Everyone gets an opportunity to speak to the topic and also gets an opportunity to see what they have in common with others and how they might also be different.  Differences can be celebrated throughout the year.  At Community, all responses are accepted with the other children listening, making eye contact, nodding, or smiling.  Only one person speaks at a time.  You may find it useful to use an object to pass around the circle that the speaker holds to signify that it is his/her turn to speak.

All About Me Worksheet Uses

There are many uses for a single page All About Me Worksheet.  A Getting to Know Our Classmates bulletin board display allows the children to review and engage in conversations about their similarities or to complement an entry.  The worksheets can be saved and redisplayed on the child’s birthday as that child enjoys the special recognition.  The information gained is always useful to the teacher who seeks to understand the student’s thinking and discover what will best motivate that student.

When the worksheet is used as part of an activities packet in the beginning of the year after a summer off from school, it eases the children back into engaging activities of following directions, self-expression, writing and independent work time.

The worksheets can be used a page at a time throughout the first week or so as it fits within the schedule and then shared and eventually collected to be put into a booklet at a later time.  If the teacher prefers, all of the sheets can be prepared and stapled into a booklet ahead of time.  The booklet can be used a page at a time as a large group activity or the students could be directed to choose a page to complete as an independent ‘at your seat’ work activity.   The packet would also work for a small group with a student leader or with partner groups perhaps linking a stronger student with one that would appreciate the support.

The completed booklet makes a wonderful souvenir for the child’s grade level experience that can be shared in a child lead conference at the beginning of the year when student, teacher, and parents are all still getting to know each other.  This booklet makes the perfect take home ‘gift’ after an Open House or Back to School Night.  If left on the student’s desk as parents arrive, it absorbs the parent’s attention and allows the child to share and converse with his/her parents about the entries and the activities.  Everyone needs to be recognized and what better way than through an early in the year school success!

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